Historical Events

2015-10-2 The establishment of Washi Trading Co., Ltd. with an investment of 2 million yen in the “Minamisenba” area of ​​Chuo Ward, Osaka City for retail/wholesale and international trade purposes.

2015-10-4 The head office of “Quality Life” opened in Room 108, Impelial Semba Building, 3-3-23, Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.

2015-11-30 Started trading with Syn-tax Co., Ltd.

2016-3-1 The trade of duty-free products with Puroruto Co., Ltd. Marumitsu started.

2016-3-10 Started product trading with Kampo Pharmaceutical.
And jointly develop the internal original product ” RYU REN HYAKU SOU”.

2016-4-5 B&B business started.

2016-4-15 Started real estate transactions with modern land (providing information about real estate).

2016-7-12 Pengin Chamber of Commerce became the business consultant of Washi Trading Corporation.

2016-11-18 Started trading with Intatekuno Co., Ltd.

2017-1-5 Started trading with Fuji Medical Devices.

2017-1-10 Became an agent of Warranty technology.

2017-1-27 Became the agent of I Grid Solutions.

On March 24, the “Quality Life” head office obtained the approval of the drug sales business (store sales business),
At the same time, designated category 2 and category 2 and category 3 drugs will also be on sale.

Became the agent of Atex Co., Ltd. on March 29th.

Started trading with COSMOS Pharmaceutical Corporation on April 6th.

On April 19th, the second store opened in Impelial Semba Building (Room 110).
The name of the store is “Washi Store”.

On May 8th, we started trading with WATTS Co.,Ltd. West Japan Sales.
In addition, 100 yen worth of goods will be sold in the store.

July 29th aims to expand sales channels in the trade industry,
Signed a logistics entrustment contract with Donan who has a branch in China.

On August 1st, the real estate business transaction with RE-CONCEPT Co., Ltd. began.
At the same time, it also opened up land development business.

Started trading with Sankomaru on August 3rd.
At the same time, Kampo medicines began to be sold in stores.

On October 6th, we started the wholesale business with WATTS Co.,Ltd. West Japan Sales.

2018 On January 30, Yahoo online store opened.
The name of the store is named “Washi Shop”.


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