Circular Agriculture

Since its establishment, our company has expanded the scope of activities around agriculture, combined with the needs of the times and improved the technology of producers, and improved the efforts of GAP, processing business, sales business, recycling business, overseas development and agriculture. Looking forward to your cooperation.

Now I want to take a step to further realize the potential of agriculture. It is agriculture, a place to improve “human resources”. You will be covered in the soil and face the nature, thanking life for being grateful for the growth of agricultural products, and gaining harvest to experience the continuity of life, thus learning humility. All of these have stimulated human sensitivity, awakened the DNA passed down since ancient times, and made people realize what is important to them. Happiness can be found through attention, but found. The power of nature, air, water, soil and plants in front of us. Embraced by Mother Earth who connects our lives, we realize that we are still alive. From this understanding, people’s growth began.

I firmly believe that agriculture can be a useful industry for many people, which inspired this awareness. Washi also hopes to help and spread the agricultural miracle to everyone.

Related facilities introduction

* Washi Manor Headquarters Center

In the center of Washi Manor, there are sales, ordering, planting management, receiving functions and the secretariat of each committee.

* Biomass Recovery Center

Effectively compost the livestock manure of nearby dairy farmers and vegetable residues from vegetable factories. We make high-quality compost.

* Packaging and Cutting Center

We provide cut vegetables to meet consumer demand that changes over time. Agricultural products harvested under cultivation management are processed in well-maintained factories. We propose to incorporate Washi Manor’s agricultural production technology and farming management technology into traditional Japanese agriculture.

The relationship between minerals and the body.

Because it grows in healthy soil, it is called a healthy vegetable. Healthy soil is the balance between the microbes and water between the minerals that make up the soil and the substances that make up them. Therefore, natural high-quality vegetables will absorb the required minerals and deliver them to humans who eat them. It is said that excessive consumption of aluminum is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. When vegetables lose their mineral balance, such as growing in soil with excessive aluminum, they will become foods with high aluminum content. In addition to being absorbed from the soil, some plants can also accumulate calcium in their bodies, so even if they grow in low-calcium soils, there are some wonderful parts that are rich in calcium. In the future, the importance of plant minerals will become an issue. Of course, organically grown vegetables have more or more mineral activity than normal ones.

The goal of “Producer and Consumer Network” is Washi Manor

In Washi Manor, through the electronic screens of computers such as the Internet, the appreciation of the farmland in the countryside and the actual conditions of the “agricultural” life resulting from this, I would like to use the conceptual name ” Washi” for the feelings of each city dweller towards the countryside To convey this. On the Internet, producers who usually use only a few words use everyone’s heart as information and speak through this form of product. On the other hand, by designing a system to listen to the various requirements of customers and reflect them in the product design, Washi Manor’s “sales to rural areas” theme is more realistic, and the “connection” business will be planned and developed. We believe that ” Washi Manor” is a way of life that transcends the vision of producers and consumers. It is based on the spiritual connection in the “village” media.

How to use weed?

If the weeds growing in the rice fields are reduced to compost, the excess nitrogen will be digested during the growth process and minerals will be returned to the compost. The ridges around the rice fields are sown with grass that cleans the soil and grass that is sensitive to vegetables, which makes them more vigorous than other grasses, making it easier for aging farmers to weed. There is also grass that can help you. As a general rule, I don’t think we should all say “weed” together. Like rice, Kaya is rich in natural silicon, enough to transport the soil across the river from the lake where Kaya grows.

What is duck and crab farming?

Duck and crab farming, enclosure in fences, power grids and other fields, two to three weeks after rice planting is the prospect of how to raise ducks and chickens freely. Ducks and crabs swim in the rice fields and eat pests. Moreover, feces will be a nutrient supply. Eventually, it will serve meat as a side dish. It takes time and effort to produce delicious and safe rice.

The difference between buying organic agricultural products in supermarkets and Washi Manor.

Since the supply of organically grown products is small, you may not see many domestically-produced JAS certified organic products. In Washi Manor, as a farmer who is one of Japan’s leading organic farmers, producers directly sell organically grown agricultural products. We will ship the harvested items on the same day, so the taste will be different because the freshness will not decrease until the table is eaten the next day.

The relationship between large-scale farming and organic farming.

Even on a large scale, the treatment of organic cultivation is different between the European type, the American type and the Japanese type. In Europe, organic farming is recommended for two reasons: administratively controlling agricultural production and reducing the impact on the environment. Because it also provides direct economic security for organic farming, the scale has been expanded.

In the United States, organic agriculture does not start from the large-scale farms you envision, but at the beginning, a small amount of organic agricultural products are produced and sold to some people who know it. However, with the expansion of domestic and foreign consumption, large-scale production has emerged based on the advantages of arid climate and extremely low wages of migrant workers.

In Japan, relatively large farmland is concentrated in parts of Hokkaido and Kyushu, but not much in Honshu. Due to the use of pesticides on adjacent land, insects will migrate to unused fields, and when diseases occur in organic fields, they will be alienated from the places where pesticides are used. Even if you spray pesticides in the air and want to grow organically, you may not be certified due to the surrounding environmental factors. In Japan, organic farming is impossible without community efforts.

The farm experience activities will be proposed by the contact business department of Washi Manor. We are considering providing this activity for children, adults, elderly and families.

1. Producers think and implement everything themselves. What we do with our own hands is responsible for delivering to consumers. That is the origin.

2. Making food is responsible for people’s health. Making food that everyone can eat with confidence is our top priority.

3. Nature-based industry = agriculture. Protecting the natural environment and passing it on to the next generation is an important issue. It not only affects the sustainable development of industry, but also affects the survival of life.

4. Interaction with various people and things is crucial. We not only value the exchanges with our business partners, consumers and Japan, but also the exchanges with agricultural stakeholders around the world in order to establish harmonious relationships.

Although it is still developing, we will open up the next generation of agriculture by gathering a lot of energy here to build a future. We hope it will become a place that many people admire.

Introducing producers and food education initiatives

Eat our own vegetables and consider the food there.

What was once ordinary is now being questioned. In order to carry out dietary education down-to-earth on the ground, the employees working in Washi Manor ate the vegetables produced by the producer in the lunch box. This is a small matter, but we have to do our best first. Communication with the community and communication with business partners are very important. We opened up the field to the local nursery and provided opportunities for children to think about natural food.


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