Company Information

Washi Trading co, Ltd. is a trading company dedicated to product development, promotion and sales in the fields of health and beauty, healthcare and the environment.
We also have businesses in the field of medical, nursing, environment and trade, we can achieve diversified modern businesses. As a trading company that can flexibly meet all needs, our business is expanding globally.
In recent years, with the prosperity of the Japanese health industry and people’s increasing awareness of health, this has become the purpose of many tourists visiting Japan. The high quality of Japanese products is world-renowned, and is familiar to many families and companies all over the world. Many tourists spend time and energy to purchase products made in Japan through agents. Our company responds to customers by creating unique additional functions and perfect services to improve customer satisfaction.
The 21st century is also called the environmental century. In all aspects of economy and life, the protection of the environment is becoming more and more common in the world. In this case, materials constitute the basis of all products and are closely related to the global environment. They are extracted from the environment as resources and returned to the environment as waste. Therefore, in terms of the environmental impact of the materials used and their ease ability to recycle, not only the material manufacturers, but also the product manufacturers, users and all personnel involved in the processing must accurately understand these things in order to improve resource productivity and make efforts for a sustainable society.
We have determined that the development of reliable materials is an indispensable work as a core research institution of materials, and we have begun to include material environmental data in the series here. As a “resource” of economic activity, the use of raw materials is as important as the use of energy.
From an economic point of view, this is the most commonly used, transparent and reliable project and should be discussed as a way to deal with excess input, waste to be processed and environmental emissions. For the data collected by the organization, from the perspectives of reliability, availability, and target mineral types, we will first consider the economic value of “resources”.
We have developed various unique technologies in a wide range of environmental fields, such as waste treatment, water/sludge treatment and recycling. We hope to use reliable technology to help prevent global warming and create a circular society.