[August 6] According to the latest information

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Osaka Prefecture raised the alert level, and in the area between Nagahori road and Sennichimae road, which is a part of Minami, and between Mido road and Sakai road, pubs, beer halls, etc. In addition, it was decided to request the closure / cancellation / postponement status and shortening of business hours due to the new coronavirus such as restaurants with entertainment such as cabaret and host club, shot bar and karaoke bar, etc. The Friendship and Bridge of Thought Association thoroughly disinfects the coronavirus infections that have occurred around us, both for ourselves and for society, and is a new type of coronavirus infection. We have begun to talk to everyone about the business to prevent the re-expansion of.

The area called “Minami” in Osaka refers to Namba, Dotonbori, which is famous for Glico’s signboards and huge three-dimensional signboards, and the downtown area around Sennichimae. It had a historical background that was typical of Osaka, a “city of commerce.” It is well known that it has grown significantly as a tourist destination. And the silver bullet is “exchange” because “light” is required for regional promotion and “heart” is required for tourism promotion. But now, due to COVID-19, “The light of Minami, a city of food and gourmet with a history of 400 years, is about to go out.

Osaka was selected as “1st in the city vitality ranking (out of 131 cities in the world)”, “5th in the world’s most attractive metropolitan city ranking”, and “4th in the world’s most livable city ranking”. Originally, Shinsaibashi road has a dazzling neon sign and has an atmosphere more like Southeast Asia than Japan, but the number of Asian tourists has increased, the exotic feeling has increased, and Shinsaibashi road is located in the center of “Minami”. The city dominated the world around 2015-2016 with the popular word “bomb buying”. Even after the beginning of 2020, the streets were flooded with visitors who were just wondering, “Is this overseas?” Before the new COVID-19 disaster.

Currently, inbound is almost devastating worldwide due to the outbreak of the new corona.

“No inbound tourists. No Japanese tourists. It may be Dotonbori that was the hardest hit in Japan.” “I would like to change it if there is something that needs improvement,” and “I want to protect the culture of Dotonbori and Osaka,” said the Japan-China Friendship Bridge of Thought Association, which wants to make a loud appeal. With that in mind, “Washi Labo-D7 JAPAN” was officially launched, and recently I came up with the idea that I had to do something to break through the current situation.

Youko Nagae, the chairman of the Japan-China Friendship Bridge of Thought Association, has begun to support duty-free shop-related companies in Dotonbori on a duty-free basis in 2014. At that time, as the chairman of the Japanese Investor Club, I connected many Japanese companies and Chinese companies, established a new company, and introduced more Japanese-made products to Chinese companies. Currently, about 6 months have passed since the outbreak of COVID-19, an infectious disease caused by the new coronavirus, began. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the global infection is accelerating and that the worst may happen in the future, so that the “Washi Labo-D7 JAPAN” has been linked with the Japan-China Friendship Bridge of Thought Association. Is the most advanced D7 technology in the world, and I would like to disinfect it as the center of “Minami”. Then, we will promote efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and maintain socio-economic activities, and promote various efforts as measures to prevent the spread of infection according to the business type, with the cooperation of business operators, etc. Based on this, we will collect examples of efforts with wisdom and ingenuity, utilize “infection spread prevention guidelines for each industry”, strengthen hygiene and safety measures, and put customer safety first. In addition, I would like to do my best to proceed with disinfection work with the aim of creating an environment where employees can work with peace of mind.


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