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“First Power” Electrolyte (ion) activated water treatment system

“First Power” electrolyte (ion) activated water treatment system is to fill small granular ceramics into a stainless steel cylindrical container, and the ceramic particles flow out of the sand like a spring through the water flowing in the water circulation vessel. It has a variety of characteristics, such as fluidized electrolyzed water treatment using special ceramic balls, simple maintenance-free operation, and antifouling effect of water flow components. By changing the physical properties of water itself, we activate water. This is an activated water treatment system developed based on (electric phenomenon caused by ceramics). Active water is water that widely supports your daily life, such as health, cleanliness and hygiene. “First Power” will bring unexpected gains to your daily life.

What is ceramic “bentonite”?

It is believed that bentonite is formed by reacting volcanic ash, etc., while volcanic ash was deposited by volcanic eruption under the action of temperature, pressure, and hot water millions to hundreds of millions of years ago.

Bentonite deposits are spread all over the world, including the United States, Europe, China and Japan.

Montmorillonite is the main component of bentonite, which is characterized by swelling to several times its original volume when it absorbs water. This is called expansion. In addition, it has various properties, such as viscosity when dispersed in water and the ability to adsorb various cations well. Using these characteristics, bentonite is used in various industrial fields. Examples include castings, civil engineering, pet bedding and chemical products.

In addition, bentonite is also described in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia and Food Sanitation Law, and it is also used as cosmetics, medicines and food additives. This is why bentonite is also called “clay with 1000 uses”. In recent years, research has been conducted as a barrier material for the geological disposal of radioactive waste, and its use is expanding beyond its existing use.

First of all, the performance of bentonite depends on the performance of the main component montmorillonite. Therefore, in order to understand bentonite, it is important to first understand the crystal structure and physical properties of montmorillonite. The unit crystal structure of montmorillonite is a very thin plate-like crystal with a thickness of about 1 nm and a width of 100-1,000 nm. In fact, several thin plate-shaped single crystals are stacked together to form a mineral particle.

The single crystal of montmorillonite is a tetrahedral sheet in which the tetrahedrons of Si (silicon) and O (oxygen) are connected in a sheet shape, and the octahedron sheet in which the octahedrons of Al (aluminum) and OH (hydroxyl) are connected in a sheet shape. . It has a sandwich structure in which an octahedral sheet is sandwiched between two tetrahedral sheets. This is called a silicate layer (unit layer). However, in fact, the trivalent cation Al in the octahedral sheet is partially replaced by the divalent cation Mg (magnesium). This is called isomorphic replacement. As a result, the surface of the unit layer lacks charge and becomes negatively charged. Therefore, in order to balance the charges, ions with positive (positive) charges are introduced between the unit layers. This is called interlayer cation.

1. Swelling/Thickening

2. Cation exchange

3. Expected result

1) One of the important characteristics required for moisturizing cosmetics is the moisturizing effect. Traditionally, the moisturizing effect is obtained through the film effect of oil-based raw materials. However, due to the function of the membrane, the bentonite has a high aspect ratio, so it can retain a large amount of water, thereby improving the moisturizing effect, and because the oily raw material is not sticky, it can obtain a comfortable moisturizing feeling for a long time.

2) Emulsification stability By adding bentonite to improve product stability can also reduce the amount of surfactants and reduce irritation. In addition, the coating effect of bentonite doubles the effect of protecting the skin from irritation.

3) Our products have a high thickening effect. Due to its high purity and good texture, it is used in many cosmetics. Compared with organic substances such as CMC, it has a good feel, and its main feature is that bacteria are not easy to grow.

4. Overview of applications with expected functions and effects

1) Used as a measure of paddy field aging and leak-proof material. Because bentonite is an inorganic substance, it will not rot, and has a long-lasting fertilization effect, and has the effect of increasing water and soil temperature. In addition, compared with other materials, swelling, viscosity and adsorption are particularly high, so less soil is used. In the field, it can be expected to be effective in improving water retention and preventing the loss of fertilizer components.

2) It is well known that by absorbing the silicic acid contained in bentonite into the main body of rice, it is difficult to deposit and its growth is excellent.

3) In pesticide formulations, bentonite has been designated as a carrier (filler) and has been used as a general pesticide formulation since ancient times. There are many types of granules such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, pesticide bases, powders, granules, and liquids. Among them, the liquid is the workability during construction. From the perspective of farmers’ safety, we flexibly respond to various needs.

5. The unique features and advantages of “First Power” are the low price that only manufacturers can provide.

1) For those who consider water, health and beauty, they can nourish the body’s water at the same time from inside and outside.

2) The ordinary water can be changed to natural water that is as soft and delicious as mountain springs.

3) The water with solid scientific basis and safety.

6. Why is it recommended to recommend “First Power” to people who care about their health? Is it really safe water?

This is a kind of lively water, with vitality and vitality, can absorb the original energy. The fundamental problem of water is improved at the molecular level, and it is close to the functions of fresh spring water or natural water that is “friendly to the human body” and “useful for life”.

1) Support health and beauty, and make the body full of vitality.

2) Support safe and clean life disinfection and prevention of viruses.

3) Support people who worry about rough skin and get rid of bad breath.

7. Inhibit the harmful substances, active oxygen. “What is antioxidant?” It means to inhibit reactive oxygen species. Human beings live by breathing oxygen in the air, and 21% of the air is acid, which combines with nutrients in the body to produce energy. Most of the oxygen inhaled into the human body is used to produce energy, but the excess acid will be oxidized. The simple explanation is “rust”. Imagine rusty metal, and you will understand that once the body’s oxidation begins, it means that the body’s functions are rusted. Then the body’s various functions will not function properly, and lifestyle-related diseases will occur. For example: Diabetes, hyperlipidemia and liver function decline and other sub-health conditions. It can be said that “anti-oxidation” can prevent the human body from rusting. In other words, it can get rid of active oxygen, prevent lifestyle-related diseases, and inhibit aging.




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