Garbage Disposal

Process and characteristics of organic waste treatment: <The mixing time varies according to the processed material and the crushing state>

Use our developed mixing and kneading machine to dispose of waste, after about 30 minutes of mixing, discharge it from the machine, pile it up in the old-fashioned storage method, put it into a prescribed shape, and wait for about 2 weeks to mature. In this way, the mature processing substrate is used as a circulating strain to reprocess it again and again, each time before mixing the organic waste, it is returned to the mixing box for processing the substrate and mixed with the organic waste again.

Feature 1 Decomposing materials of industrial waste disposer and household waste disposer.

Feature 2 It can be used as long as it is a processing machine that can make use of material characteristics. Feature 3 Large-scale incineration plants and centralized plants of local governments.


Sewage Treatment


Soil Improvement