Japan-China Friendship Bridge of Thought Association



1. A platform established in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture to maintain and develop exchanges and cooperation with cultural groups in each region.

2. Promote exchanges and cooperation with cultural organizations in various countries and regions in the world.

3. Promote historical inheritance and cultural development by promoting integration with local communities.

4. Reward individuals and groups that have made major contributions to cultural activities.

5. Promote Japan-China friendship and peace, and support cultural exchanges and economic development.

6. The Federation is a non-profit organization composed of cultural organizations operating in Sakai.

7. With the development of FIT (Personal Travel), there is an increasing need for “personal themed travel” to learn about various attractions in Japan.

The federation is based on the basic idea of ​​“carrying out traditional Eastern civilization and cultural exchanges in Asia, enhancing solidarity, mutual assistance, and the continuation of peace and friendship”. We aim to maximize the synergy between groups and maximize to play their unique abilities and integrate with local communities to improve the living environment of overseas Chinese. In March 2019, Washi Trading Co., Ltd. and Washi Estate Co., Ltd. began to establish a cooperative relationship with private accommodation booking websites. This is the first time with China As a strategic business partner, the two companies will sell accommodation facilities in mainland China, including accommodation and agriculture in Sakai under development, and share marketing information for tourists in Japan. In this way, we will create new products. We have been advocating “farming nights” and have developed farming experience areas and supporting accommodation facilities throughout Japan. On the other hand, in response to the “farmhouse” trend, we will experience the booming cities of personal travel in Japanese residents, the number of travelers to Japan’s rural areas is gradually increasing, where they experience the nature and culture of the rural areas. The two companies aim to meet demand and use their strengths and expertise to provide travelers with high quality and unique accommodation.

In 2018, the Osaka Music Festival was planned and hosted. This event aims to improve the sanitation environment. In the autumn of the same year, we hosted a Japan-China friendship event in Kyoto. It also cooperates with the Japanese Investor Club to organize various gatherings of investors coming to Japan and the Japan-China Friendship New Year Party. May 10, 2019, due to the success of the Sakai Tomb World Heritage Declaration, we participated in the 46th Historical and Cultural Succession and Sakai Festival Parade and Eve Festival.

In 2020, we participated in the Japan-China Friendship Spring Festival celebration held in Tennoji District, Osaka. The Japan-China Friendship Bridge of Thought Association aims to build a bridge of Japan-China friendship and achieve the goal of Japan-China friendship for generations by inheriting ideology and culture.



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