Millennium Promise – Delicacy World

King of the tongue: As the name implies, it is the most delicious taste of the tongue. As people’s living standards gradually improve, people’s dietary needs are gradually increasing from food and clothing solutions to nutrition, taste, color and environmental issues. The food culture is broad and profound, and the variety of snacks can fully reflect the human style on the tongue, creating a unique local landscape. Eating is not only fill the stomach but also taste delicious food from around the world. It’s the most important item other than travel. “The world is so big that I want to see it.” When applied to food, “I want to eat so many foods.” We are looking for delicious food and snacks from each country on the ring road in the center of the park. Participation in dining, drinking and playing is essential as our park will ultimately focus on classical cultural tourism, table tennis, learning and travel, pensions and leisure. If you can operate this park, it will be a very shocking view and will stimulate consumption and the economy as a whole.