Millennium Promise – Dream World

This is a dream world, where people can experience all kinds of novel and interesting activities, as well as pottery, tie-dyeing, carpentry, plaster, wax types, sculptures, lacquer, metalworking, papermaking and the creation of art. And leisure is an ideal world; in agricultural areas, traditional skills such as ecological agricultural planting, soilless cultivation, insect specimen preparation, rope art, ice cream, tofu, cake making and the perfection of modern high tech are combinations. In the activity area, you can enjoy attractive sports such as horse riding, archery, rock climbing, paragliding and go-karting. You can also wear kimonos to travel the ancient times like an ancient man, and enjoy the quiet and free natural beauty of an antique village. A new concept of tourism and holiday mode for creativity, sports and aesthetics, adjacent to green mountains and rivers, accompanied by breeze and moon. Carefully create new implications and new worlds, think about the present and future under the guidance of the wonderful civilizations of our ancestors, feel the successes and failures of physical and spiritual investment practices, and live with highly creative services. Please enjoy the bitterness and sweetness. Start your wisdom, show your creativity, and shape yourself without regrets.