Millennium Promise –Fantasy World

Since the Yayoi period, Japan has received rice cultivation and bronze casting techniques brought about by immigrants from mainland China. Chinese immigrants live primarily in western Honshu and Kitakyushu, and indigenous peoples living in these areas are immigrant-led and promoting the evolution of the Japanese. Japan is not a country that accepts immigrants, but each era has its own origins and has experienced five large-scale immigrants from China.

The cultural relationship between Japan and China has been very close since ancient times. Japanese culture, such as clothing, food, housing, travel, marriage, funerals, ceremonies, and learning in Japanese daily life, is completely and deeply influenced by Chinese culture. Singing and dancing such as the masked dance ‘Ranryo’, which originated in the northern part of China’s flag, was popular in the Tang dynasty and was introduced to Japan in the Tang dynasty. Dance is a ritual of imperial temples such as Ise Jingu.

In recent years, due to the stagnation of the Japanese economy and the declining birthrate and aging population, the Japanese government has continuously absorbed skilled workers in China and granted them a special naturalization status.

Based on the above perspectives, the ‘Japan-China Friendship Thought Bridge Association’, which is considered to be a bridge, was established in 2018, triggered by the corporate culture of Washi Trading Company and the friendship between Japan and China, and created a journey of culture between Japan and China. In 2019, the [Thousand Years of Lan Ling King Theater] was established in Washi Estate. In October 2019, Sakai of the ‘Naka Hyakutobori Kofungun’ registered as a World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations appeared and grafted. The City Festival has become an unprecedented bridge between Japan and China. Today, stories of great times from ancient times to modern times are written against the backdrop of this group of people. Then, in 2021, the construction of the first stage of the Mumudo Project ‘Thousand Years of the World’ is scheduled to begin. This unique ideological and cultural background will surely create a unique fantasy mode that will affect all of Japan, all of China and the world.