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There are many grandpas and grandmas in the world who want to live a good life, and when they were young, there was a lot of wind and rain, and when they got older, they wanted to see the rainbow. They are all wiser than the average person. The world is wonderful, and we deserve a more beautiful encounter!

Use your life-savings to live in this special nursing home for the elderly or sell your home, spending 60 million yen to live in an oxygen bar in the deep forest of nature. This may sound like a legend or concept. But our concept here is not what you can imagine. It provides not only life care but also a free social space. The facilities in the park are well-equipped. Apartment suites with sea views, chat bars, cafes, beauty salons, hotel restaurant-like dining rooms, medical rooms, rehab rooms, bathing pools and more. When we were old, we also need an elegant and dignified life, finding a new way to start our daily lives with hope and passion, and enjoying our daily lives. There are various classrooms and teachers here where you can use your residual heat to teach and learn what you like from the beginning.

The old-age park, which was built around a long-term care welfare facility for the elderly, is a support center that provides basic long-term care services, and it is difficult. After that, we will place another care unit in the same management center area with specialized nursing staff. However, whether it is long-term care support or 24-hour specialized long-term care, it is a lump-sum pension system, and basically it is to provide a caregiver, which is convenient for the facility operator, as the core of construction and operation. Good products, business models, and financial analytics are not the only basic ways to establish an organization’s security system. The advantage of sponsors and core team members is that investors can see how their future organizational structure is designed. The most beautiful and realistic pension plans and partners.


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