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In 1971, the Chinese table tennis team went to Japan to participate in the 31st World Table Tennis Championships. After the match, an American table tennis team visited China. For more than 40 years, known as “table tennis diplomacy,” a new exchange has begun between China and the United States. Ping-pong diplomacy is an immortal story in the history of diplomacy in New China, and is well-received by international public opinion as “a small ball rotated a large ball.” Japan’s Sato Cabinet has announced its intention to normalize diplomatic relations with China. In September 1972, after Komeito’s visit to China, Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai invited Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka to China, and a historic China-Japan summit was realized. After a few days of talks, leaders from both countries issued a joint statement between Japan and China. After the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, the two countries have begun to conclude the “Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty” announced in the statement. Since then, table tennis diplomacy has broken the normalization of trade with China and western developed nations. At Sports World, while exercising with your friends, meet your friends with a ball and reach your exercise goals. The gastronomic world, the fantasy world, and the phantom world all around are good places to go after the competition.