First Power

First Power (FP) activated water is an enzyme.

An “enzyme” is a “protein molecule” that acts as a catalyst (*) to cause a chemical reaction in our body.

It is a type of protein, and there are thousands of enzymes in the body that help chemical reactions.

A general term for macromolecular compounds that are originally synthesized in the cells of living organisms and catalyze almost all chemical reactions that occur in living organisms, such as digestion and respiration. It consists of only proteins or proteins and low molecular weight compounds. There are many different types, and the types of enzymes that act in response to chemical reactions differ.

* A substance that accelerates the reaction rate of a specific chemical reaction and does not change before and after the reaction.

First Beautify Skin

The products we have developed can help your skin and reduce your chances of getting a virus. This set of cosmetics can form a thin protective film on the skin, helping to condition acidified skin and break down the protein layers of aging keratin and viral cells. The skin care and hair care series, which utilize the active electrolyte function of plant enzymes, can be said to be an unprecedented proprietary product. The future trends and development potential are great, and the number of interested friends is increasing. The brand is “FBS” FP series products. Shampoo and hair care products are also appearing one after another.


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