Real estate—-Mikitakami

Washi Estate Co., Ltd. has planned 5 regional development projects in the Mikitakami area in Sakai City, the 5 major parks including the Millennium Covenant,Fantasy World, Dream World, Sports World, Health Care World, and Food World. The regional planning is all two-story single-family villas with garages, with a variety of apartment types to choose. Meet the various needs of different people.

Development philosophy

It is estimated that by 2042, the elderly will increase and the population will increase. A living environment must be created so that people of all ages, including all elderly and young people, can lead a fulfilling life.

At present, many wealthy people want to own houses in Japan, and it is expected that the number of elderly couples with this intention will increase. Our goal is to build a town where people can live with peace of mind, live long, healthy, lively and dignified. The elderly can live in a safe home.

Designed for an aging population, it is the only home for the elderly in Japan. There is a symbiosis square with a large pond and tree-lined roads, and there are trees and colorful flowers everywhere. All rooms in the park are designed to face south. You can enjoy the warm sunshine in a quiet natural residential area. The light and breeze, as well as the green gardens make you refreshed. In addition, we will satisfy your leisure time by creating an ideal living environment, so that your leisure life will be fulfilled and you will feel at ease. Surrounded by sports facilities, farm rental facilities, kindergartens, nurseries, general hospitals, etc.