Soil Improvement

Washi biological materials for soil improvement and environmental purification.

The ” Washi Biological Material Series” developed by Washi Corporation is a biological material that can maximize the ability of bacteria to improve and improve soil.

Washi Biomaterials bacteria decompose sulfide and harmful substances in the soil. It establishes and spreads and spreads its power (territory) in the soil to inhibit the growth of disease bacteria and create disease-resistant soil. In addition, when it is decomposed, it will secrete amino acids, carotene, etc., so that the roots absorb it, and increase the color and luster of the crops, so that the crops can get a good harvest. When bacteria decompose organic matter, soil particles connect to each other to form gaps (aggregate soil), which improves air permeability and drainage, and makes it easier for plants to take root. By adjusting the bacterial balance of the soil in this way, Washi Biomaterials can restore the microbial community and restore the original healthy soil condition. By adjusting the bacterial environment of the soil, the stability, retention and sustainability of soil problems have been evaluated.

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